ExpositionS RotativeS

From 5th July to 5th October, about twenty of my recent drawings and paintings will be exposed with artworks from two other artists at Centre Médical Pierre Brossolette, 135 Avenue Pierre Brossolette, Montrouge (France), in the ExpositionS RotativeS exhibition.

This exhibition is organised by 21ièmeArt association and its president, sculptor Guillaume Werle, in collaboration with the Centre Médical Pierre Brossolette.

Another exhibition titled ExpositionS RotativeS.OFF will open at atelier Werle, 78 Avenue Verdier à Montrouge (France), from 7th to 21st september.

The vernissage will be on thursday 14th september at Centre Médical Pierre Brossolette. It will be followed by a cocktail at atelier Werle.

FestiClam – Art and sound

Spring is finally here and I’m going to celebrate its colors by exposing some of my last artworks at the first edition of FestiClam!

FestiClam - Arte e Suono - 2023

This festival is organized by Clam’Art de Vivre . Several associations will participate to this festival. including 23h60 , of which I’m a member.

Several events to chose from: music, exhibition of artits, creators and artisans, creation workshops for children and adults, improvisational theatre to discover French sign language… and many more!

Programma FestiClam 2023

Let’s see you on saturday 27th may 2023, from noon to 10pm, at Espace St JO’ , 54 rue du Moulin de Pierre, Clamart (France).

I look forward to meet a lot of artists, creative people and visitors!