Sonia Valsecchi artist painter

I am Sonia Valsecchi. I am a professional painter graduated at Accademia of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan, Italy. I live and work in Clamart (France). I teach drawing and painting at Université Populaire Clamartoise.

For me painting and drawing is a source of vitality that allows me to dig deeply inside in the most hidden paths of the souls of humans and of nature. Every stroke of pencil or brush, every drop of color are like a “dance” on paper or on canvas, which tells the human being, his emotions, his gestures and his being body and soul.

I paint with acrylics, inks and coffee. I usually draw with colored pencils over wet techniques. For several years I have worked using acrylics mixed with materials like plaster, paper and sawdust, which give to the pictorial surface an irregular consistency. Using the techniques at full colour and for transparency, I try to recreate the cardiac beat that I feel inside me each time that I am close to Beauty, to Nature’s breath, to every little thing surrounding me.